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Our privacy & cookies statement

We try to ensure that your privacy is respected.

Our general, plain English statement is that we don’t collect information about you on this site. The only cookies we store are those required by the site and the content management system to operate.

About our cookies and information storage

Cookies stored by the site relate mainly to the administration of this site itself and are required to comment and log in.

We do use the simple analytic system (to see where visits to the site come from with regard to country, browser type and referral system) BUT we prevent any storage of personal information by our site.

You can easily remove cookies from your computer yourself at any time, and options to manage cookies are usually found in either Privacy or Options tabs within preference panels accessed from your browser’s main menu (usually found under headings such Edit, Tools, Options, or if you’re using a Mac under the menu option with name of the application you’re using).

Our own server – like all web servers – logs your visit including your Internet Protocol (IP) address and date and time of visit; this data is kept on our server which is within the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the new EU Cookie Law here.

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