Reiki Healing and Treatment

The Japanese word Reiki refers to healing based on universal life force or energy: it comes from the Japanese words “rei”, meaning divine, spiritual or supernatural; and “ki” from Chinese “chi” meaning life-energy or life-force.

Reiki practitioners pass the reiki, or spiritual life-energy, to the person they are treating through the palms of the hand. Reiki works on all levels of the body, and spirit reiki will flow to where it is most needed; whether that need is mental, emotional or physical.

During a reiki treatment the client will be lying fully clothed, or sitting in a chair if this is more comfortable. While the reiki energy is passing from the practitioner, the client often feels a warm sensation over the part of the body being treated. Emotional blockages, negativity and stress are released, leaving the client feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

It is common for the client to feel an uplifting sense of joy after a Reiki treatment.

Learning Reiki from Anna

There are three levels of Reiki practice:

    Level 1 – Self-healing
    Level 2 – Practitioner
    Level 3 – Master/Teacher

Anna is a level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher, which means that she is qualified to teach you how to perform Reiki healing on yourself or others.

Here are some reasons as to why you might like to learn Reiki:

    Inner peace
    Self growth
    Spiritual development
    Healing Joy
    Renewed energy
    To gain confidence, and make new friends

Please feel free to contact Anna about future course details and costs.

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